Study the inerrant Word of God in the Old and New Testaments in order to:

  • REMEMBER God’s deeds under the Covenants of the Old Testament, learning of Our Father’s Plan of Salvation.
  • REALIZE God’s great love for us in establishing the New Covenant of Redemption through the sacrificial life and death of His only Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • RESPOND to God’s call to serve by spreading the “Good News” of salvation to all the world as we study the history of the Catholic Church.


Classes start June 9, 2016, 9:45-11:45am, in Martin Brewer Center. The class will explore current social issues in the Light of Scripture, Tradition, and the Magisterium of the Church. Topics to be covered include the Sanctity of Human Life, Marriage and the Family, and the threats to Religious Freedom.

Increasingly challenged by the secularized society, we will begin each lesson with a look at the gifts of the Holy Spirit and how they can guide the Church and the faithful in following God's plan of salvation. We cannot be silent: come and get Equipped, learn to Evangelize, and Endeavor to show genuine love for all without compromising The Truth.

Lectures are often supplemented with video presentations; guest speakers may also be invited for particular subjects. $10 optional donation for handouts. Notes and outlines, maps and charts are provided as the subject matter requires.


  • Adults over 18 years of age
  • Bring your own Bible. The one generally recommended for Catholics is the REVISED STANDARD VERSION - CATHOLIC EDITION. It also goes by the title: THE IGNATIUS BIBLE, because it was reissued by Ignatius Press


Gerry Nordsieck, 805-967-9739 or gmnordsieck@gmail.com



Proporcionarles a los feligreses la oportunidad de familiarizarse con la Palabra de Dios a través del Antiguo y Nuevo Testamentos, en un ambiente agradable.


El grupo se reúne los viernes, de la 7:30pm a las 9pm.


  • Se invita a los adultos mayores de 18 años de edad a que asistan
  • Traer su propia Biblia Catolica


Diácono José Ramírez, jramirez@olssb.org y
Diácono Luis Cabello, lcabello@olssb.org