Study the inerrant Word of God in the Old and New Testaments in order to:

  • REMEMBER God’s deeds under the Covenants of the Old Testament, learning of Our Father’s Plan of Salvation.
  • REALIZE God’s great love for us in establishing the New Covenant of Redemption through the sacrificial life and death of His only Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • RESPOND to God’s call to serve by spreading the “Good News” of salvation to all the world as we study the history of the Catholic Church.


  • Adults over 18 years of age
  • Bring your own Bible. The one generally recommended for Catholics is the REVISED STANDARD VERSION - CATHOLIC EDITION. It also goes by the title: THE IGNATIUS BIBLE, because it was reissued by Ignatius Press


Gerry Nordsieck, 805-967-9739 or gmnordsieck@gmail.com



Proporcionarles a los feligreses la oportunidad de familiarizarse con la Palabra de Dios a través del Antiguo y Nuevo Testamentos, en un ambiente agradable.


El grupo se reúne los viernes, de la 7:30pm a las 9pm.


  • Se invita a los adultos mayores de 18 años de edad a que asistan
  • Traer su propia Biblia Catolica


Diácono José Ramírez, jramirez@olssb.org y
Diácono Luis Cabello, lcabello@olssb.org